It took only about 20 months, and now the GESA Carousel of Dreams can focus on continuing to set up long-term operations plans.

After years of sometimes bitter discussions and disputes over where to build it since 2003, and how to set it up, the Carousel has just retired, or paid off, it's $354,000 initial build and startup money from GESA Credit Union.

This Friday, the milestone will be celebrated with a special party for the community from 5-7pm at the Carousel, next to the Southridge Sports Complex. The ride opened Labor Day Weekend 2014, and has since seen over 275,000 riders, and average of OVER 13,000 each month.

Now, the team can focus all their energy on continuing to create long-term operation and maintenance funding plans. A staff of four full-time employees runs the facility with several dozen volunteers.

According to the City, over 500 events have been held there, from birthday parties to corporate outings. For more information on hours of operation, events and more, click here.

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