After the resignation of Councilwoman Nikki Torres, the City of Pasco is looking to fill one of its open positions.

Torres resigns due to move, and State Senate Race

On May 31st, Torres stepped down from her position as the council representative for District 3, as she recently moved and it took her out of her area, which is the northern part of Pasco from Convention Drive to Highway 395 and north of I-182.  She also declared her candidacy for the 15th District State Senate Seat which will be vacated by Sunnyside's retiring Jim Honeyford. Torres, who will run unopposed on the GOP ticket in the primary, has Honeyford's endorsement.

   Council seeks a replacement.

The city says any adult registered voter who resides in District 3 may pick up an application for the position. Pasco has a map so candidates and see if they live in that district. The deadline is June 27th.

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  What happens then?

Pasco officials said this in their information release:

"Following the application deadline, the City Council will select the finalists and invite them to participate in the interview process; those selected for an interview will be notified of the interview arrangements. Interviews will be conducted at the July 11 meeting of the City Council, which are open to the public and media. Please note that any information contained in applications or supporting documents for City Council appointment will be considered public information and subject to release."

Torres resigned four months into her four-year term, this appointee would serve out the rest of that period on the council.

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