The ongoing saga of the Canadian woman accused of making death threats towards a Tri-City Americans player is in court today.

25-year-old Tieja MacLaughlin was arrested Monday by Kennewick police  after she allegedly ignored warnings from police to stay away from American's player Jackson Playfair.

Playfair, a former Spokane Chief, was recently traded to Tri-City.   MacLaughlin is described by some news sources as an on-again-off-again girlfriend of the 19-year-old player.

Previously, she had told Playfair she was coming to Kennewick, and they plans to meet Sunday.  But then she informed him she was coming early because she claimed he had been dating someone else.   She allegedly made death threats towards him.  Police met up with her at a Kennewick motel and told her not to have any more contact with him or they would charge her with harrasment.

But the next day, Playfair called police to say she had been texting him again.   Police told him to text her back and arrange a meeting between the two.  But it was police she met up with, and the sports reporter from Paris, Ontario was arrested and charged with felony harassment.

Her bail had been set at $50,000 after previously being held without bail.  She could possibly make a plea on the charge today.   She is pictured below, along with another view of Playfair. (Photo courtesy of KNDU-TV).


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