Gov. Inslee is being soundly 'trolled' by a number of GOP State Senators who are calling him out on an earlier offer to "sit down" and show them his COVID numbers, or justification for continuing the state of emergency.

Inslee offered to show GOP leaders his numbers

During his February 28th press conference, when actually pressed a little by reporters on the subject of when the state of emergency etc. would end, Inslee said he would be willing to sit down with GOP leaders and show them his data. Presumably, this was seen as justification (his) for not giving an official day to end the state of emergency.

Oregon is ending its April 1st, at which time we will be the LAST state without an end date.

 GOP Senator trolls Inslee, says their response letter must have gotten lost in the mail

Senator Jeff Wilson (R-Longview) had this classic response to Inslee not getting back to them.  Right after Inslee made this statement about showing the figures, Wilson and other GOP leaders sent Inslee a letter requesting such a sit-down meeting. But over a week has gone by, and crickets from the Governor. Wilson said Wednesday:

“We were worried the letter might get lost in the mail, It’s a full 200 yards from our Senate offices to the Capitol building. That’s why we sent a copy via email, too.”

Members of the GOP Freedom Caucus, a group of especially active and staunch conservative leaders within the State Republican Senate noted that Inslee's claims of the legislature not wanting to meet or talk with him about COVID-related issues is pretty much false.

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Inslee, when pressed about his emergency powers, proclamations and other COVID policy, has often resorted to rhetoric about if the legislature would only reach out to him, or meet with him, he'd love to discuss it.

  Inslee doesn't respond to legislative requests very often

Wilson and other members of the GOP Freedom Caucus said this Wednesday:

"... the Senate Republican Caucus has sent 54 letters to the governor about matters of COVID policy, but the governor’s office has responded to just nine of them."

Once again, it appears Inslee jumps when policies, legislation, and legislators do his bidding or agree with him, but ignores them when they don't.  And once again, legislators are calling him out on it.

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