For a number of years, a group called The Coalition controlled the Washington State Senate. It consisted of 23 GOP and 2 Democratic legislators (who usually sided with the GOP). This is nothing new, Attorney General Bob Ferguson and Democrats have been attacking gun rights for years.

They were able to not only ward off numerous fuel tax, environmental and other costly attempts by Gov. Inslee to peel hundreds of millions from citizens, but they were able to vote down several shocking attempts at gun control. Do you remember the Democratic proposal to have County Sheriff's conduct annual 'inspections' of gun storage methods by citizens?

But now, with a slight majority in the Senate (due to some retirements and one upset election on the West side) the Democrats control both houses. They retained their majority in the House of Reps.

GOP leaders now see a "slew" of anti-gun bills coming this session. One GOP leader said this week:

“We killed a bunch of them the last few years by one vote. And the other party picked up seven in the House. It is going to be uphill. They know it. They’re smelling blood. They’re really coming after us with a whole suite of them.” (referring to anti-gun bills).

AG Ferguson has testified in hearings this week in favor of legislation banning the 3-D printing of guns, and banning high capacity magazines over 10 rounds.

Rep Joel Kretz (GOP) of Okanogan County, who is the House Republican Leader, fears this session will be a long uphill battle against numerous bills designed to chip away at gun rights.


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