According to a variety of sources, an announcement could be coming soon about Gov. Jay Inslee running for president. According to comments he made on a Monday appearance on MSNBC, it will be soon.

The rumors have been flying for nearly the last two years, especially since he has curried favor with numerous environmental elements and groups across the country. Inslee also served as the Chairman of the National Governor's Association, helping to gain exposure.

Inslee is expected to gain financial backing from venture capitalist Tom Steyer, who has poured millions into his state campaigns. Steyer is perhaps one of the most unknown yet active environmental fund providers in the U.S.

Inslee has traveled to Nevada and New Hampshire and other states where early primaries occur. According to some he could make some waves in the political scene, while others say his dismal record as Washington's governor will not do him any favors.

A number of studies, including the prestigious Cato Institute, rated him the worst-performing Governor in the United States. It's for that reason some say he will be easily booted, and quickly, from the 2020 campaign.

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