Would-Be Drug Peddler Loses Footrace with Cops
Kennewick police apprehended a would-be drug dealer after he lost a foot race Tuesday night.
28-year-old Michael Eller was contacted by police  in the 600 block of North Union, but shortly thereafter decided to run away. An officer spotted him, and recognized him as being wanted on an outstandin…
Gov. Inslee Expected to Announce Presidential Run, Would You Vote
According to a variety of sources, an announcement could be coming soon about Gov. Jay Inslee running for president. According to comments he made on a Monday appearance on MSNBC, it will be soon.
The rumors have been flying for nearly the last two years, especially since he has curried favor with nu…
Racism? Take a Look at What DNA Tests Prove!
Yes, the "R" word keeps coming up everywhere! look at how these people react to finding out DNA origins. I did this test earlier this year and realized I'm a blend of all sorts! when it all comes down to it we are all just the same. it turns out they have much more in common w…
Spokane NCAACP Leader Resigns Monday
Facing a firestorm of controversy over disputes about her racial backround, the embattled leader of the Spokane chapter of the NCAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) has resigned.

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