Sunday's campaign rally by Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders reinforced the growing political divide between Seattle and the West side, and East of the Cascades. It also, perhaps, has shown the ignorance of his campaign staff.

According to a Seattle Times study, Sanders has received more donations from that city, per capita, than any other in America. Sanders, who's so far refused large corporate donations, has received support from about 80,000 people in the Emerald City.

Sanders spoke for an hour at Key Arena to a crowd of about 16,000, and another 5,000 outside who couldn't get in. Most of the crowd were younger individuals, who have identified with his radical redistribution of wealth ideas. Sanders told the crowd this election was about "rejecting establishment politics, and economics," which is a thinly-veiled way of saying redistribution of wealth. We don't know the percentage of those attending the rally who still live in their parent's basement, but we are confident it's high.

Although he has backed off somewhat this year, he has on numerous occasions said he would push for a 90% tax on the wealthiest Americans, saying it's not too high, and "it's moral."

Sanders so far has refused to release any substantiative plans for what he would do with taxes, only spouting off about inequality and unfairness. But numerous sources show his history does indeed show he would favor (and has as far back as the 1970's) a very high tax rate for the wealthiest Americans, and he would redistribute the money to others not making as much, via the government.

Perhaps a sign his campaign PR people don't know much about our state, you've probably heard the Sander's campaign ads on Newstalk870. Sure, we'll take your money, but you're barking up the wrong tree in this next of the woods. His people obviously are not aware of the vast political differences between Seattle and the East side.

An Eastern Washington for Bernie Sanders Facebook page we found has about 563 likes, a similar one for Donald Trump has well over 5,000.

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