Saying a new plan is being developed that will be released next week, Gov. Inslee extended the pre-Thanksgiving economic and educational restrictions Wednesday. His restrictions that went into effect Nov. 15 were supposed to expire Monday, January 4. Now that's been extended through at least Jan. 11.

In a statement that read in part he said:

"Our consistent mission has been keeping Washingtonians safe and ensuring health care system and hospital capacity," Inslee said. "We understand the profound impact COVID is having on our healthcare system, families and businesses, but I am heartened by the number of Washingtonians who continue to do the right thing. If we continue distancing from others, wearing facial coverings and avoiding social gatherings, we will make it to the other side of this pandemic together.”

According to information released by his office, an updated reopening plan will be released next week, providing a "pathway" for businesses and workers impacted by this order to reopen safely. No other details released.

Now, based upon previous actions, and what's happened the last 8 months, many legislators, citizens and business leaders believe the State, Inslee and WSDOH (Department of Health) are waiting to see what happens with COVID "numbers" over the New Year's Holiday.  Inslee and officials admitted there was not post-Thanksgiving spike, and there are few indications Christmas will produce the same.

According to officials, signs of 'spikes' reportedly begin to surface within a week to ten days after holidays.

Based upon his comments, this would the THIRD such reopening plan released by Inslee and the State.  His Safe Start plan has largely dissolved into a hazy quagmire of Phases;  from 1.5 to 2, a few counties in 3.  Counties have been on pause for so long, many have forgotten about it.

Then, in late October, there was the Washington Recovery Group, which we still do not know if they ever met; and we have not seen or heard any public "guidance" or information from them.

Perhaps the state is hoping the 3rd time is a charm. No date next week has been given for this "new" reopen plan.

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