As originally proposed, Trump's offshore drilling plan was considered one of the most sweeping in U.S. history.

According to and other sources, the Feds want to open up virtually all the U.S. coastline for oil exploration as well as portions of the Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific Oceans and other areas. It's part of an effort to increase U.S. energy independence, and drive down oil and consumer gas prices.

However, due to environmental group pressure and other issues, some states have asked to be removed from the list of areas. These include Florida, and now Gov. Jay Inslee has weighed in. Most consider this no surprise, since Inslee has stated he wants to be the 'greenest' governor in history.

Inslee has yet again proposed a carbon tax on Washington business and possibly citizens, so this letter comes as no surprise. He sent it to Energy Secretary Ryan Zinke. It reads in part:

   "I write to you to express my strong opposition to newly proposed oil and gas leasing off Washington State's coast and the Pacific Coast."

To read the letter in it's entirety, click here.

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