In a statement released by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney,  President Obama doesn't accept responsibility for high gas prices--even though he shot down the Keystone Pipeline, and has attempted to put the squeeze on American drivers by pushing electric cars.

Carney attempted to tell the press that high gas prices are not Obama's responsibility, and it's not like he hasn't done anything to expand oil production.   The key word here is oil production.   Carney went on to claim that Obama has opened up millions of  acres in the Gulf Of Mexico for oil drilling.  But what he did not say is that while they claim that, their enviornmental restrictions make it virtually impossible for new wells and sources to be tapped.    This subject has popped up again, as Florida drivers are not facing the possibility of $6 a gallon gasoline.  Asked if it's fair for Americans to blame the Prez, Carney said rising gas prices are a "recurring problem."     Gee,  a recurring problem because the White House and enviornmentalists will not allow the US to become more energy independent.  Instead, Obama dumps hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars into flawed green companies and electric cars that many consumers don't want to  buy; all while ignoring the needs of the nation's infrastructure that depends upon oil.

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