On his morning show 6-9AM Friday on AM 770 KTTH Seattle, host Todd Herman lit up Governor Jay Inslee over what he calls the "biggest lie" he's laid on Washington residents. This was also put up on MyNorthwest.com.

Herman said just like he did by breaking his no new tax pledge (8 times officially), and a alleged costly Western Washington drought that voters ended up paying for but never really materialized, Inslee is also lying about shared sacrifice.

Inslee has used this phrase a number of times during this Stay Home COVID-19 issue/shutdown. Herman refers to it as a brutal, mean-spirited lie heaped on Washington residents by a Governor who knows nothing about what people are going through.

Herman briefly lays out some of the turmoil and upheaval from all sorts of industries and businesses, but says Inslee is feeling nothing of that.

Herman said this in his show/article Friday morning:

"But, economic sacrifice is for the little people. Jay Inslee and friends of Jay Inslee are just fine, thanks for asking."

He then pointed out how pot stores are open, but gun stores are closed. And Planned Parenthood remains open, raking in money, and -- Herman points out -- using up valuable masks, gowns and other medical supplies needed in the fight against COVID-19. Inslee keeps bemoaning this, yet PP keeps eating up resources.

He also points out state workers have had no cuts in pay, and their pensions continue to be funded and grow, plus other examples of blatant hypocracy.

This is a must read article, and to see it for yourself, click on the button below.

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