With Conservative Governor Scott Walker winning affirmation in Wisconsin, and voters defeating his recall,  Forbes says it's the beginning of the end for many public sector  unions.

Public Sector, or government worker unions, are now going to decline, says Forbes Magazine.  The magazine reports even FDR knew that government workers who were allowed to unionize would  'be the death of social welfare,' so he avoided even allowing that to happen.

  Wisconsin became of the first states to allow government workers to form labor unions; but by the 1990's the state's financial woes caused by having taxpayers support these organizations and their pensions led to gradual political change.  Much like Christie in New Jersey, Walker was elected by voters who wanted cutbacks, taxes eliminated, and fiscal reform.   From the Forbes article:

Scott Walker ran for office promising change. The fiscal medicine he is administering may be bitter, but it looks like it is starting to work.  The state budget has been balanced.  The unemployment rate has been dropping and is now below the national average. Property taxes are down. Fraudulent sick leave policies—which allowed employees to call in sick and then work the next shift for overtime pay—have been ended. The government has stopped forcibly collecting union dues from workers’ paychecks.

  Now that paying union dues is not mandantory, membership in the state government worker unions is plummeting, as workers are frustrated their money goes to fund, among other things, huge political election efforts that don't really do anything for the workers--similar to what SEIU did in dumping millions into the Obama campaign. 

   The national implications of Walker's re-call win could be staggering.  If it's working in Wisconsin, other state will no doubt follow suit.  Most of the opposition to Walker was public-sector union funded, with millions being poured into often vicious attacks on the conservative leader.  The attacks were increasingly personal towards the end, including claims he fathered an illigitimate 'love-child'; as well as threats to his supporters and other staff members.

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