Late Wednesday, the Grandview School District released a statement about an investigation into allegations of inappropriate conduct between a staff member and a student.

Other than the following statement, no information was released by the District:

"Grandview School District received a report of inappropriate contact with a student by a Grandview High School teaching staff member on 3/30/2016. The District reported the allegation to the Grandview Police Department and placed the individual on administrative leave. The District will continue to cooperate with law enforcement throughout the criminal investigation.

While we make no judgments of guilt at this time, if true, the allegations represent a breach of our trust and a disappointing departure from our standards for all district employees. Safety of our students is the highest priority of our school and district staff.

Grandview High School parents with questions should contact Human Resources Director Matt Mallery at 509-882-8500. Those who believe they have information related to the investigation should contact Grandview Police. "

According to our news partner, KNDU-TV, the staff member in question is 26-year-old Zachary Sybouts. He was arrested May 4, and is facing charges of Coercion, Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, and Possession of Depictions of a Minor Engaged in Sexually Explicit Conduct.

KNDU reports April 30th, a staff  member brought to light the allegations the relationship might be taking place. Following an investigation by Grandview Police, Sybouts was arrested, and officials believe he may have had more than one relationship with a student.

The case continues to be looked at. The District is referring all questions and information to the police department.

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