Perhaps the easiest 'collar' the Grant County Sheriff's Office has had in a long time.


Part of the ongoing series started by the Grant County Sheriff's Office, The Sheriff's Report, a video series highlighting activity by the Department.

January 1st. around 5 AM Deputies were called to a home in Moses Lake. The victims told 9-1-1 they had been alerted by their security system to an intruder. They told dispatch they were watching on video as a man and woman were trying to break into their garage, by way of a window they broke out.

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Upon arrival Deputies found the suspect's vehicle empty parked in the street, and they surrounded the location of the window. As PIO Kyle Forman put it in the video, Chewy announced his presence by barking, and the two suspects came out and gave up without even a whimper.

28-year-old Ricardo Rocha and 30-year-old Danielle S. Lesser of Moses Lake are now in the Grant County Jail, but at least they didn't have any chomp marks. Their car was also impounded. The GCSO video report is below.

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