According to their mission statement, Restore Washington is determined to reign in the legislative and financial 'recklessness' being shown by political leaders over the last couple of years. It reads in part:

"Mission: The mission is to create a large organized network of folks to keep Olympia in check through the initiative and referendum process – “Legislation by the People, for the People” Goals..."

The group has several ambitious projects for 2021 and 2022, which include (for this year):

  1. "Build Signature teams and prime locations
  2.  Defund Olympia Project (Part 1)   
  3.   Repeal long term care tax  
  4.  Change electoral college distribution from winner take all to proportional."

    Next year, they plan to take on push for $30 car tabs, and fight the capital gains tax.

Defund Olympia (
Defund Olympia (

For now, one of their fundraising efforts are the Defund Olympia hats and shirts. They support the Defund Olympia effort which will be a series of Initiatives they hope to get on the ballot to curtail and cut much of the spending increases we've seen over the last few years.

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Spending has increased (the state budget) by 74% since Gov. Inslee took office in 2013, and Defund Olympia seeks to reverse as much of that as possible.

Businesses are encouraged to participate as well, as they have a program to help create exposure for clients.

To find out more about Restore Washington and their various projects and to get your hands on one of these hats and/or shirts, click on the button below.


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