Few people truly understand the love between a man and a taco like we do. In fact, a couple of us here in the editorial office have been guilty in the past of getting a little fired up simply because our taco order wasn’t right.

So we understand how a discrepancy in ones food order might produce some ill feelings toward a restaurant and maybe even cause some less than charming behavior – though we never considered ramming the building with our car.

According to the Dayton, Ohio police, Michael Smith pulled into the Taco Bell drive-thru and ordered a combo meal, but when they forgot to include one of the tacos that he ordered, things took a turn for the worse.

“He was already peeling his tires, being cute whatever he was on, and came through got his food. We forgot a taco. We realized we forgot it,” said Kristen Winans.

Shortly thereafter, Smith came back around to the drive-thru where he proceed to give employees a verbal tongue lashing that they will not soon forget but other than maybe some hurt feelings there wasn’t any harm done. That was until Smith whipped around the corner, crashed his truck into the entrance, and then made a run for the border!

Although no one was able to make out his license plate number, officers trailed fluids that were apparently leaking from Smith’s truck and caught up with him hiding out at his house a couple miles away from the restaurant.

Police say Smith openly admitted that he purposely drove his truck into the building because “he was mad over them messing up his order.”

Now that he is facing felony vandalism charges, we hope that Michael Smith has learned that a single taco is no reason to go to jail. However, any man with enough guts to go demolition-style on a restaurant because they forgot a single taco is “cheesy gordita.”

That’s Spanish for crazy right?

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