When a driver has a tire going down THAT badly, the 'whadump-whadump' vibration and noise is usually enough to 'scare' them into pulling over. It sounds like you're suspension is going to come apart.

But apparently for this Kennewick driver it wasn't enough. Early Friday morning, shortly after 5:30am, police reported to a call about a truck indulating down the road with a flat tire.

Soon, in the area of Canal and Fruitland, they came across the suspect vehicle, a red pickup. The driver, 26-year-old Juna Llanas-Contreras, was found to be allegedly under the influence of alcohol. He was arrested and his truck impounded. Not only will he have to pay the high cost of impound fees, but he's gonna need at least one new tire.

Reports indicate it was likely he was driving on it for a least a number of minutes. It didn't 'just happen' before other drivers called it in to police.

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