You probably remember THIS guy, May 9th he was arrested for illegally driving his SUV on a private KID canal access road in Kennewick. He lost control and dumped it into the canal. Well, this weekend he was busted for taking somebody else's car--without asking first.

Kennewick police said 37-year-old Steven Knighten was arrested after allegedly stealing a car. The victim called 911, then told police he was able to locate it. Driving another car, the victim followed Knighten at a safe distance, tracking him until police arrived.

Knighten was briefly chased by police, before pulling over near 1st and Yelm Streets. He fled on foot but was captured in a backyard. He was found in possession of meth, illegal weapon possession, stolen property and several other outstanding warrants.

Those would include his May 9th dumping of the SUV pictured in our story in the canal.  Guess some folks NEVER learn.  Apparently he was not able to put his limited driving 'skills' to work to elude police.

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