If you're going to break into a store, don't wear distinctive clothing, or let your face be captured on security cameras!

That appears to be the case for two suspect sought in connection with a break-in at the Verizon Cellular store at 3311 West Clearwater, which occurred in the very early morning hours of Halloween, last Friday.

Kennewick police say the two suspect broke in around 12:21am, but didn't say if they were successful in their "quest" or how much they may have taken.  Police said the one suspect wore a "very distinctive" patterned sweatshirt, while a portion of the other suspect's face was captured on camera.

Anyone with information about the suspects is asked to call Tri-Cities Crime Stoppers at (509)-586-TIPS (8477).   Information leading to the apprehension of the suspects can result in a $1,000 cash reward.

All information is confidential.

Verizon suspects
Verizon suspects (Kennewick police department)

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