Officials say a wide variety of items taken in theft.

Labor and Industries Office sees computers, laptops and more stolen

L-I officials say they don't think there's any 'statewide' data taken, but it could include personal information of Labor and Industries workers.

L-I Friday, April 29th, reported a "recent" break-in at the Tukwila, WA based office saw thieves make off with hard drives, laptops, gas cards, door access keycards and other items.  The exact number of items taken was not released.

L-I says Tukwila Police are investigating, from the L-I statement:

"The hard drives held agency files which may have contained personally identifiable information of people who have had business with that specific regional office location and some L&I employees’ and dependents’ personal information. The information may include Social Security or other identification numbers, financial or payment account numbers, email addresses and/or passwords for online accounts, dates of birth, and, in limited circumstances, medical or health insurance information."

They believe no 'statewide' data was on the items taken, but the situation continues to be under investigation.

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So far, there is no evidence any of the data has been used against anyone whose information may have been contained on the drives or laptops.

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