The owner of the above vehicle wants it back.  The 1996 Honda Civic (WA LICENSE BSM3873) was stolen Sunday morning on the 1500 block of North 17th Avenue in Pasco.

The owner left the car running for approximately ten minutes.  When the alarm went off at about 5:30 am, the owner witnessed a male driver speeding off in the car.  This is why you NEVER leave your car running unattended.

The vehicle was followed by this pickup truck. (Below)

Courtesy of Pasco Police Department
Courtesy of Pasco Police Department

The owner has received tips that parts may have been repainted and the car could be in Milton Freewater or Walla Walla.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of this car, please contact Pasco Police at 509-628-0333.

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