Used to be, years ago, the office of WA State Secretary of State was a little-known and little-noticed position. Times have changed.

   Former House Rep Brad Klippert running a write-in campaign.

Following his loss in the Congressional Primary vs. Dan Newhouse, former 8th District House Rep Brad Klippert (tri-cities region) is now running a write-in campaign for Secretary of State.

This position has taken on a lot more attention since the departure of Kim Wyman. She came under scrutiny after the 2020 elections, when claims of voter fraud were brought up not just in WA state but nationwide.

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In WA state, the two candidates who advanced in the primary are a Democrat, Steve Hobbs, and a non-partisan candidate, Julie Anderson. Hobbs was appointed to the post by Gov. Inslee after Wyman left to take a post in the Biden Administration despite being a Republican.

 Klippert hoping to change the trend of write-in candidates in state races.

Very few, if any candidates have achieved success as a write-in candidate, but that has not stopped him and the supporting group from pushing it forward. A newly-created Facebook page also has information about this effort.

   Most write-in candidates do not get enough votes to even affect the outcome, even if the tallies between the top 2 voter getters are close. We will see what happens in November.

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