(Kennewick, WA) -- Kennewick Police say several students have been detained following an incident on another student at Southridge High School. This all began Monday when four students cornered another student and threatened to assault him. The victim did not fight back, instead telling school officials what had happened. Three of the suspects were then arrested. It was Tuesday just prior to lunch, the school resource officer, working with school staff, arrested who they believed to be the primary instigator, for the allegation of criminal mischief. Then it was during lunch police say staff members observed two of the students from the previous day follow and harass the original victim. School principals intervened and ordered the two students to stop. The students failed to obey the principals and attempted to push through staff to get at the victim student.

The Situation Escalates and Comes to an End

This created a significant disturbance for all other students and staff. School staff called 911 and reported the disturbance. Kennewick Police officers and the Benton County Sheriff’s Office responded to Southridge High School. The two aggressive students exited the building. Staff members followed the students and reported the updates to police. Once officers arrived on-scene, they detained the two students. The two students were booked into the Benton Franklin Juvenile Justice Center for suspicion of criminal mischief, disrupting a school activity, failing to obey a school official, and disorderly conduct.


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