It's more than barbeques, mini-vacations, and a day off from work, or special retail sales events this coming Monday, May 28th.

It's Memorial Day, when we salute those who've served (and are still serving) our country to protect our freedoms and way of life.  Here's some celebrations you can attend to honor those vets and their families.

  • 9am Riverview Heights Cemetery, 1200 South Olympia Street, Olympia and 10th. Flags on display, presentations begin 9am
  • 11am Desert Lawn Memorial Gardens, 10th and Union, Kennewick. Flags and other displays, and their Memorial observance begins at 11am
  • Sunset Memorial Gardens, by-pass Highway Richland.  the row of 1,000 flags lining the pathways, and special observances begin at 11am.

Whether you know of someone who served, or just want to remind yourself of what it takes to preserve freedom, please attend and make Memorial Day for what it really is!  My father (Korea, Navy) and grandfather (Army, WWII, D-Day-Utah Beach) are both at Desert Lawn, so our family will be remembering what it's really about.

We at Townsquare Media thank you.


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