Gov. Inslee has introduced perhaps the most controversial COVID program in the United States, Contact Tracing.

To read more about it, click on the button below for specifics, you DO need to read it. But rather than fill up this page with a TON of mind numbing information, the crux of the controversy is contained in Inslee's graphic.  See below.

Last 2 steps of contact tracing worry many (Gov inslee's office)
Last 2 steps of contact tracing worry many (Gov inslee's office)











The last two steps of the Contact Trace program are 4) Identify Contacts, or people infected person has come in contact with, and 5) Quarantine Contacts, or those 'secondary individuals or even families.'

Inslee's program says an "interviewer will call those who test positive for COVID-19 to identify and inform close contacts of potential exposure."

It also says, and pay close attention to the one bolded word:

"support will be available for households who must isolate."

Again, read over Inslee's plan, study the wording. It appears a positive COVID person can anonymously name you or I or anyone as a 'close contact.'  Then what? as we mentioned earlier in our stories on this topic, are the 'close contacts' legally mandated to quarantine as the graph indicates? Jail if they refuse? So a person could be 'locked up' in their home for 14 days, away from friends, their job, and others?

So many questions...what if a 'close contact' person loses their job due to quarantine? Apparently more 'answers' will be coming on Inslee later.

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