The National Fire Protection Agency as well as local fire departments remind citizens that while it may be fun to leave the Christmas tree up til New Year's, make sure it gets disposed of before it becomes a fire hazard.

Even with keeping the tree in water or preserving solutions to keep it fresh, it can still dry out quickly, and when it's brittle, become a fire hazard. Even if needles are not dropping rapidly, the tree can still dry out fast from the inside.

Here's where to get rid of your tree in the Tri-Cities:

  • Richland - Trees will be collected curbside from January 4-15th. If they're taller than six feet, they must be cut in half. If you wish, they can be dropped off at the landfill at Horn Rapids, Monday through Saturday from 8am to 4pm.
  • Kennewick - customers can bring them to the Waste Management Transfer station at 27th and Ely during regular business hours for free dosposal.
  • Pasco - and Franklin County - Bring tree to Tri City Cross Country Running Course north of Golf Land on Road 26 now through January 10 for free disposal.

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