If the canal is deep enough, it can hide virtually anything...until fall.

Benton County Sheriff's got a call this week from Irrigation District and other officials, after finding a car at the bottom of a drained canal, at the Chandler Irrigation dam which is just west of Benton City.

Authorities say the car was located Wednesday, it was almost 'wedged' under a bridge spanning one of the larger feeder canals. The split canal was large enough for the vehicle to fit through, it had turned slightly sideways, keeping it from drifting under the structure.

Crews have been inspecting the entire irrigation system mile by mile as is always done in fall after canals are drained. Sheriff's Deputies said the blue Taurus was reported stolen out of Grandview back in May. Based upon the amount of dirt, silt and other debris inside, it had likely been the water for a very long time.

The car was empty when it was pulled out of the canal.

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