With this kind of creativity, these dealers ought to be working for the good guys!

The U.S. Border Patrol is reporting 33 cans of marijuana (with a street value of about $43,500) were seized by agents where the Colorado River crosses the Mexican border into Arizona.

The cans each held about 2.5 pounds of the drug -- a total of 85 pounds was confiscated. But it's how the drugs got across the border that gets your attention!

U.S. officials said the cans had been launched by a pneumatic (air powered) cannon! U.S. and Mexican officials found what was left of the cannon, consisting of a long barrel hooked to tubes that supplied high amounts of compressed air. A discarded carbon dioxide tank was also found nearby.

You've seen t-shirt cannons at the Tri-City Americans and Dust Devil games? Well this one was apparently powerful enough to launch cans over 500 feet!

Newstalk reported many months ago about another drug cartel that used a giant catapult to "toss" drug packages over the border. U.S. officials report the drug runners are constantly adapting to whatever tactics are being thrown at them, and are becoming increasingly creative in their methods to get the drugs over the border.

Unless U.S. agents are present or have been tracking movements of drug runners, once the drugs are over the border (by whatever means) it's not hard to retrieve them.