Police are investigating three home construction site burglaries that occurred recently.

A construction company reported to police that sometime between January 17th and 21st  someone stole a large amount of hand tools from a home under construction at 1405 West 52nd.   Police believe the home may have been entered through the garage door, which was apparently not working properly.

A theft was reported close by at 1401 West 52nd.  Larry Gis, the homeowner, said someone stole the front door from his under-construction home, as well as a 20-gallon propane tank and several burners. A construction worker also had a large bucket of tools taken.

And a third break-in was reported at 2348 West. 49th. Ave. Another home under construction had a newly installed television stolen, and someone moved the refrigerator from the kitchen into the living room.   Tire tracks, probably from a truck, were found in the yard, and were photographed by police.

These all occurred in areas of South Kennewick where extensive new construction is taking place. Anyone in the area is asked to keep a close eye for suspicious activity and report any tips to Tri-Cities Crime Stoppers at (509)-685-TIPS.