The Richland Bomb Squad has been called all over the Columbia Basin and Southeastern Washington to help deal with suspicious devices, and detonate the occasional explosive device, but probably never came across one of these.

Moses Lake officials and the Columbia Basin Herald are reporting the bomb squad was called to the Lakeview area of Soap Lake about a suspicious package left in a driveway.  The object was found in the 200 block of Moses Lake Avenue.

It contained a mysterious varnish-looking liquid and a tube of lipstick was found with the device.  The Richland Bomb Squad was called into evaluate and later destroyed the object.

Officials say there's no suspects yet, and the investigation continues. It's not known if the device would have actually exploded or not.  As for the lipstick, the culprit was either trying to send a very weird message, or was trying to spruce themselves up and left the tube there on accident.  Even stranger if it had been a guy...

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