Richland Bomb Squad "defuses" potential explosive device near Othello (ACSO)
Richland Bomb Squad "defuses" potential explosive device near Othello (ACSO)

An update from the potential bomb incident north of Othello on Wednesday.

Adams County Deputies evacuate several nearby homes when bomb found in car

 Wednesday afternoon, around 1 PM, Adams County Deputies were about two miles north of Othello, in the 300 block of Reynolds Road, searching for a wanted suspect, identified as Nicholas Romero-Rivera.

A vehicle at the scene was identified by officers as being involved in an incident at the location earlier this week.  However, while they did not locate Rivera, they noticed inside the vehicle there appeared to be an explosive device, along with a note obviously left for officers that contained a lot of profanity.

  Richland bomb squad renders the device useless

In an update released late Wednesday afternoon, the ACSO said the following:

"The bomb squad has made potential explosive device safe and will be taking it to have it tested and destroyed."


ACSO--suspect Rivera
ACSO--suspect Rivera

No word if it was considered an actual 'bomb', but we do expect more information once it's been inspected by the crime lab. Meanwhile, the search for Rivera continues.

Anyone with any information is urged to call (509) 659-1122, all leads can be confidential.

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