After 19 months, the US and Canadian borders are slated to re-open normally, coming in early November.

According to multiple reports, the border should allow 'normal' crossings sometime early in the month.


Washington state officials have been pushing for this, most of the reluctance came from Canada, whose draconian COVID policies have nearly strangled economic travel. This will also allow increased air travel as well.

It will also be viewed with a sigh of relief in the Western Hockey League and the Tri-City Americans.  The league had to push back games between the US Division and B.C. Division from Oct to November because of the border situation.

AMS vs Chiefs (Doug Love TC Americans)
AMS vs Chiefs (Doug Love TC Americans)

Already, the US will not be playing teams from the East and Central Divisions such as Lethbridge, Moose Jaw, Red Deer, Calgary etc. At least now, the Americans current schedule, which has 16 games vs Kamloops, Victoria, Kelowna, Prince George and Vancouver, will not be altered it appears.


The Americans originally were to see Kamloops in October at the Toyota Center but that has been pushed back. The Americans will travel to Prince George the weekend of November 19th, and the Vancouver Giants will be at Toyota Center Nov. 26th.

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Although the number of Americans vs. Chiefs games has increased this year due to no Eastern or Central teams, it will be nice to see some fresh faces and different teams in the Toyota Center beside the US foes.

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Perhaps an upcoming Am's game will have a moment like one of these...

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