Probably the most people the Kennewick Irrigation District meeting room has seen in years. A meeting this week showed there are a lot of people in this family farm corner.

The District will put off voting on whether to try to use eminent domain to take control of a parcel of land farmed by the Cox Family near Kennewick. The family has farmed the area over the last 55 years. The area is in the vicinity of Badger Canyon and Badger Road's northwest corner.

A number of years ago Robert Cox Sr. died, leaving the farm up in the air. The remaining family sold part of it to the KID, but kept the rest. It's the rest the District wants so it can go ahead with a 400 acre water reservoir. Without that last parcel of land, apparently the reservoir project cannot move forward.

However, the family is not interested in selling. Reports indicate the District has offered as much as $800K for the parcel, which is about 65 acres. But the family says no.

They still grow corn, peas, potatoes, and watermelons. Plus, their pumpkins and some watermelons are supplied to area grocery stores, including the pumpkins to Winco Foods.

Tuesday a packed house at the Kennewick Irrigation District saw dozens and dozens of people come to support the family in their fight, including giving one of the family members who spoke a standing ovation.

No doubt surprised and moved by the support the KID Board has decided to table the vote, instead they will hold another public hearing March 26 from 4-7PM to answer more questions.

Citizens who wish more information or to voice their opinion can email the KID using the email address


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