Greater Idaho Movement --with permssion
Greater Idaho Movement --with permssion

Apparently, the Idaho State Legislature is more than OK with at least having formal discussions with Oregon officials over numerous counties joining the Gem State.

  Idaho legislative committee sends Greater Idaho bill to house floor for vote

Idaho House bill HJM 1 was passed by the committee 11-1, and if it passes, would allow formal talks to begin with Oregon about the movement.

For several years now, a number of Eastern and Southern Oregon counties have already approved measures (in county votes) that would have them join Idaho, and move the border. At least 12 have voted to do so.

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According to the Greater Idaho movement:

" A press release on the Greater Idaho movement’s website,, said “we are asking Oregon Senate President Rob Wagner to give this proposal a hearing in Oregon like the one we had today in Idaho. It’s a win-win for both states, and a poll a year ago showed that 68% of northwestern Oregonian voters want it to have a hearing.”

If all the necessary legislative requirements are met, the move would have to have the final approval of both state legislatures, and then Congress.

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