If you look at recent stories based upon Federal data, the Joints for Jabs Program really isn't even necessary.

SHIFTWa and others are reporting the Federal Government Monday 'congratulated' Washington state in reaching the 70% threshold for residents getting at least the first of two rounds of some sort of COVID vaccine.

Yet, the state's data shows it's only 64%.  That's big because Gov. Inslee promised the state would "re-open" either June 30 or when we reached 70% vaccination level.

WA State Senator Phil Fortunato, who briefly ran for Governor in 2020 before losing in primary then throwing his support to Culp, told AM 770 KTTH Radio in Seattle he views the Joints for Jabs Program as "idiotic."

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Joints For Jabs gives anyone 21-and-older a free pre-rolled pot cigarette if they get vaccinated at a licensed pot store vaccination clinic or event.

Fortunato told KTTH:

 “I think this is idiotic. We are moving away from a medical reason to do this and now you could win a lottery, you could win a million dollars, you can get free booze, you can get free weed,”

He also said it's an example of extreme government over-reach. He also said he doesn't know where they got the authorization to give away free pot cigs.

The program goes through July 12th, and is only good at officially licensed pot shops (as if there's any other kind!) and only for those 21 and older.

It's the latest in a series of perks that many GOP officials, including Rep. Skyler Rude, are calling "bribes" to get people to take the vaccine.


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