Despite 1 percent case rate, lockdown happened (Sterlings on Clearwater-Google Street view)
Despite 1 percent case rate, lockdown happened (Sterlings on Clearwater-Google Street view)

Despite working with state officials during the summer, and fall, now the Washington Hospitality Association is perhaps feeling betrayed, and left scratching their heads.

Scratching because of the latest lockdown that 'might' end January 11th.  Gov. Inslee mysteriously closed indoor service for restaurants, bars, gyms, movie theaters and bowling alleys in mid-November, then extended  it another week from Jan.4 to the 11th.

Clear back in November, officials with the WHA appeared on the Jason Rantz Show on AM 770 KTTH in Seattle, and talked about their own report they issued.

Based upon what had transpired during the summer and fall, they had a pretty good idea of how to manage their member's facilities while still staying open. But in November came the 'hammer.'

The WHA, in a series of reports, requested public health data from the WSDOH (Department of Health). It consistently showed that during the late fall, as well as early winter and even summer, cases that were directly traced back to restaurants (and bars) were at .5%.   Just prior to and during  this latest lockdown, the case rate was still right about 1%.

This has left them wondering why Inslee did his latest lockdown. In looking specifically at data from Walla Walla, Pierce and Clark Counties, for example, out of 2,800 cases, 1 percent were linked to indoor dining-bars. They also looked at other counties as well.

The Governor's response? The hospitality association cannot "track" the cases the way the state can.  However, the WHA says it appears Inslee and officials are relying on national and CDC data when it came to this lockdown. Instead of looking specifically at WA state, they based it upon other states.

The WHA says many other states don't have mask mandates, and don't have the 10 or 11PM Curvew shutdowns. Obviously their case rates are likely to be higher. But they are not Washington.

Now, since mid November, nearly 100,000 workers have basically been out of a job. We will find out January 11 if this is going to continue. Even state officials were 'blaming' private, citizen gatherings and get togethers at the holidays for rising cases--not restaurants. So, why the lockdown?

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