In the predawn hours of Friday morning, Kennewick police responded to the 3900 block of S. Dennis street, after receiving a call or two about a suspicious vehicle.

The small truck pictured was seen driving very slowly through and around the neighborhood, both occupants appeared to be looking at the homes. A police unit arrived and contacted the two suspects, followed by other units.

Police found the driver, 37-year-old Jason Fox, was driving on a suspended license. His passenger, 38-year-old Keytar Donesouda, was actually wanted on an outstanding felony arrest warrant. Fox bailed out of the truck and tried to outrun police, but was run down, his shoes removed (see picture) and is facing driving on suspended and resisting arrest charges.

So, if you're wanted on warrants or are driving on a suspended license, why not go lurking in neighborhoods early in the morning?!? Not....

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