"The one thing we know about Omicron, and this is a certainty, it makes sense to get vaccinated today no matter what we find out about Omicron, because today we are threatened by Delta.  It would be really sad if people lose their lives today because they've been killed by the Delta variant while they're worried about Omicron."

That was part of Gov. Inslee's opening statement about the new COVID variant during his press conference Thursday, Dec. 2nd.

He did make an interesting faux paux by calling it "Omicraw" but his comments mirrored the seemingly double-sided comments from the CDC as well as the Washington State Department of Health.

South African medical officials have said, as have others, it is pretty much unknown if Omicron will be vaccine-resistant.  As reinforced by data from the Benton Franklin Health Department tracking breakthrough cases since vaccines became available, we have seen a steady climb in the number of fully vaccinated persons who still contract COVID.

Nationally, even the CDC has admitted the efficacy rate of the COVID vaccines (which were at one point said to be 90-95 percent following clinical trials) is now down to between 60-70 percent which is about where the annual flu shot is.

Previously it was claimed they were in the 90th percentile in preventing COVID.

So, both Inslee, the WSDOH, and the CDC are saying even though they don't know the vaccine resistance of Omicron, people should get vaccinated anyway.

Inslee also said the greatest holiday gift one can give this season is "to get vaccinated."

Inslee also referenced some pending Roe Vs. Wade abortion rights cases being heard in the high courts in WA D.C.  He went to great lengths talking about how people's personal right of choice is under attack, referring to abortion choice.

He pleaded with people to fight for this right.

The irony of this is not lost on many, he champions the right of choice, but when it comes to personal medical choices over the vaccine, apparently that is a different "right of choice."


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