The CDC stopped counting non-hospitalization or death COVID vaccine breakthrough cases in the first week of May 2021.

However, the Benton Franklin Health Department has been monitoring breakthrough data since January.

A breakthrough case, according to a new report released Monday, Oct. 11 occurs when:

 "A vaccine breakthrough occurs when a fully vaccinated individual becomes infected by an organism that the vaccine is meant to prevent. In the case of the COVID-19 vaccine, it occurs when an individual tests positive (either a PCR or antigen test) for the SARS-CoV-2 virus two weeks (14-days) or more after completing an authorized COVID-19 vaccine series." (Source BFHD Report)

Since January 17th of this year, 2,280 breakthrough cases have been confirmed in Benton and Franklin Counties, out of 22,100 new cases of COVID.  The data stems from January 1 through September 30, 2021.  That is 10.32 percent of those vaccinated.

However, the report shows since spring, and during summer, the percentage of breakthrough cases has risen steadily, and for the most recent period spanning July through September, that percentage is at 15%.

This would seem to confirm national media and health reports indicating the effectiveness of the vaccine is not lasting as long as previously predicted.

CDC data over the last several decades shows the efficacy rate of the 'regular' season flu vaccine is between 60-70 percent,  higher for older persons. Initial reports about the COVID vaccines (Pfizer and Maderna) claimed in December 2020 it was between 90-95 percent in preventing the virus. Now, that percentage, depending upon which medical reports and news stories you read, appears to be closer to mirroring the flu vaccine.

The percentage of breakthroughs is highest in the 40-49 age group, but fairly even without huge spikes between the ages of 30- and 69. Female breakthroughs outnumber men in B-F Counties 56 to 42 percent.

And since the BFHD began monitoring this activity in our area, 16  persons have been confirmed to have died after being fully vaccinated.

7.62 percent of the 210 COVID confirmed deaths during this reporting period are vaccine complication related.

The data in the report, according to the BFHD, was compiled from the WDRS (Washington Disease Reporting System) and the WA state IIS, or Immunization Information System as well as interviews and information from vaccinated persons who later contracted COVID-19.

It is noted this report does present a solid amount of data, however, it is by no means conclusive down to a concrete number. But it does provide proof breakthrough cases are much higher than the state, media and other sources are claiming.  Many reports claim rates are at 1-2 percent if that.


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