Thursday afternoon, Gov. Inslee expected to announce a new round of incentives, or "perks" as he has previously referred to them as, for people to get a COVID vaccine.

So far, we have seen a very volatile environment concerning vaccinated persons vs. non-vaccinated.   Not from the people themselves, but from state officials and other entities.

The recommended use of vaccinated sections vs. non-vaccinated at sporting events; Richland Schools are splitting people at the Richland and Hanford graduation events.

We even talked to a Richland family who will not be able to sit with each other at the RHS ceremony...a husband and wife.

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Now, today, it is not specifically known what Inslee will be offering. Other states, according to news reports, have spun out everything from scholarships to lottery prizes that can pay up to $1 million dollars.

Some of these states offering incentives include Oregon, Ohio, and New York. There are growing voices saying that these kinds of incentives and the segregation of vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated persons is discriminatory.

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