From Gov. Inslee's Phase 1, for what he refers to as "religious and faith-based organization guidance,"  here's the requirements for church services:

  • It includes no more than 10 people in a vehicle.
  • All persons attending must arrive in a closed vehicle. and remain in that same vehicle for the entire service.
  • unless you're parked more than six feet away, all windows, sunroofs and other openings must remain rolled up during the service.
  • each vehicle can only be occupied by family or persons who have been previously been in close contact and are not sick.
  • People are not allowed to leave their vehicle at any time during the service.

He also says a collection box should be utilized (drive up, like a ballot drop) for offerings, but he thinks online is the "best" option. He also refers to workers at such services as "employees."   The 12 Disciples were on a payroll? Who knew?!? There are other stipulations as well.

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