Inslee's comments at the end of his Wednesday press conference have set off a national firestorm of criticism, even a blistering Tweet from President Trump.

At the end of what was otherwise a rather bland press conference, a reporter from KOMO-TV-Radio in Seattle asked the Governor for his reaction to the takeover of a six block area in the Capitol Hill District, now called the "autonomous zone" by the protesters who are occupying it. Pictures show many of them are armed, and many sources say they are Antifa based.

Additional reports Wednesday night by Seattle media claim businesses in the 'zone' are being forced to pay 'rent' by the occupants. The Daily Caller reports that forms of "extortion" are taking place with businesses in the area that are still open. The Seattle PD abandoned the East Seattle Precinct office, taking what they could and boarding up the building.

At the 37:03 mark of the video, you can watch Inslee's reaction when asked. He said "that's news to me, I will have to reserve comment about it."  He then almost chuckled in saying "from any credible source..."

His comment brought swift and harsh articles from the national sources The Daily Wire with Ben Shapiro, and a blistering Tweet from President Trump.

To see the press conference and hear his answer for yourself, click on the button below.

To see just one of a number of national stories that might help jog Inslee's "memory" click on the button below.

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