He began his address Friday assessing the upcoming Mother's Day holiday, by mentioning the mothers who've been lost to COVID-19.

He said we are making progress because of "millions of Washin' tonians" are making commitments to Stay at Home.  He skimmed over "hard decisions" made by people, but no reference to the thousands of ailing businesses.

He then recapped the opening of car washes,religious drive thru religious ceremonies and more,  and the state has added curbside retail sales and landscaping.  He said the state has received applications from smaller counties,  five of them have been granted including Lincoln County. These are applications filed by smaller counties  to re-open faster.

Inslee said the state is "concerned" about people putting off healthcare, and immunization rates have dropped as much as 30%. He reiterated wanting to do this 100% only once instead of doing it again -- referring to COVID-19.

He said he wakes up each morning thinking of the people who've lost their lives, and named some of them off.  However, he said nothing about waking up and thinking of the thousands of workers and businesses falling down due to this situation.

Also another recap of his data. Inslee says he's very concerned, posed on knife edge, whether we're going to "wrestle this to the ground."  He also made insinuations that those who get COVID will die, based upon his interpretation of the re-infection data.

Inslee says levels of swap and test supplies increase, making it sound as if people will have to be tested before returning to school or work once things are re-opened. He didn't elaborate but his rhetoric made it sound that way.   He said as social distancing decreases, testing and his test and trace program will apparently take it's place.

He also touted the 'turning on' of some 300 state supplied "wi-fi hot spots",  wondering how that will help this current situation, but he brought it up.

He was supposed to provide an update on trace and test, but that has been put off til next week.

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