From Gov. Inslee's office...rare for two of these in the same week.

"Gov. Jay Inslee will address the media today via streaming video and telephone to give an update on the 2021 legislative session and the state's response to the ongoing pandemic, including Healthy Washington - Roadmap to Recovery.

The governor will be joined for questions by Lacy Fehrenbach, assistant secretary of health, and Nick Streuli, executive director of external affairs for the Office of the Governor. "

 There is an UNCONFIRMED report from a GOP Senator that Inslee will be announcing some easing of dining and other business restrictions this afternoon, but we have not confirmed that.

  IF he does, it appears the new Healthy Washington re-open plan is going to begin to fall victim to the same modifications that confused and doomed his Safe Start Plan. Inslee and the WSDOH began to splinter the four phases into "modified" Phase 1.5, or "modified Phase 2" and eventually the program slid into the ditch.

  We will be covering this and will pass along pertinent information that will affect you and business and education.

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