Gov. Inslee will hold a press conference Thursday, 2:30PM at which the following will be discussed:

"Gov. Jay Inslee will address the media tomorrow via streaming video and telephone to give an update on the 2021 legislative session and the state's response to the ongoing pandemic.

The governor will be joined by:

  • Michele Roberts, acting assistant secretary for prevention and community health, DOH
  • Nick Streuli, executive director of external affairs, Office of the Governor 

Given previous history of conferences, it's likely Inslee will be making more pitches for his legislative agenda, there will be a COVID vaccine etc. update as well.  Not sure what else, perhaps comments on the Federal election inauguration given his director for external affairs is appearing.

A betting man would wager money Inslee will get in some jabs at departing President Trump, he never misses opportunities to mock his political-societal opponents.

We will cover it and pass along any information that's important or pertinent to our listeners/citizens.

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