Gov. Inslee is less than a month into his so-called Presidential Campaign, and has already stirred up a bit or a hornet's nest.

Republican State Senator Phil Fortunato has sent an official letter to the Gov. requesting he reimburse the Washington State Patrol for security costs incurred while Inslee has traveled outside Washington state on his campaign for President. Regardless of where he goes, as an acting governor, the WSP is legally tasked with being his security detail. Fortunato represents the 31st. Legislative District, which includes Enumclaw, Black Diamond and Bonney Lake on the West side.

Fortunato is the first official to request that Inslee refund whatever money is spent out of state. He cites former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who used some of his campaign contributions to pay back State Troopers who offered similar security during his Presidential run a few years ago.

However, while Inslee's people say they've "read" the letter, there are no plans to use campaign money. This is not the first time Inslee has been in hot water for this, his travels as the Chairman of the Democrat Governor's Association also drew fire, as the WSP is now hundreds of thousands of dollars over budget due to his security. It is well known that group exists largely to provide support for Democratic officials and campaigning as opposed to anything else.

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