Saying his science and data is "indisputable" Gov. Inslee Sunday rolled back the entire state over rising COVID cases.

Inslee said this was the worst public health crisis in the state in100 years, and claimed left unchecked it would result in "economic devastation." He also spent a few minutes saying he "empathized" with business owners and workers who have lost jobs, had economic hardhips etc.  He used the word "some" when it came to the number of businesses that have closed.

However, of note, according to Yelp data, over 3,000 small businesses in WA have closed permanently due to lockdowns.

Inslee claimed some $50 million would be set aside for grants and loans for businesses during this latest one month period. Beginning Monday Nov. 17 through Dec. 14, education and religious services would not change, as they are governed by separate mandates.

However starting tomorrow, restaurants and bars, no indoor service. Some may, if possible, have up to five people outside seating. Curbside and takeout continue. Retail, grocery and convenience stores will be capped at 25 percent capacity. gyms, bowling alleys, movie theaters and other related entertainment venues will be closed.

Inslee claimed hospital and medial facilities would soon be overwhelmed if the state doesn't get on top of cases.

However a check Sunday of the Benton Franklin Health District COVID numbers shows our hospital occupancy rate for COVID or COVID like symptoms is 8.6 percent. Of the 385 people in beds at the four in-patient hospitals in our counties, 33 are there for COVID.

In Walla Walla County there are 9 hospitalized. In Yakima County, 14, 4 of which are intabated (assisted breathing).

These restrictions will supposedly be in place until Dec. 14. See image below for complete list.

restrictions (state of wa)
restrictions (state of wa)



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