Thursday at his press conference, Gov. Inslee spent considerable time discussing Boeing at the outset.

He alternated between praising the aerospace giant and thinly veiled threats. He did say "the dynamics of our partnership with Boeing has changed, somewhat."

He spent a considerable amount of time laying out what the state has done for the company, but he said history shows we have "some thinking to do" about their relationship. He turned things over to Lisa Brown Director of the Washington State Department of Commerce.

They both spent considerable time touting the state's aerospace industry. However, it is worth noting that a considerable number of jobs in this area have left WA and CA for the southeastern part of the U.S.

Inslee and Brown painted a very rosy picture, with Brown reading from an obviously prepared statement.

Inslee also gave an update on COVID 'response.'  He claims a two month decline in cases and says it's leveled off.  He said the long term outlook is uncertain.

Inslee claims now is the time to double down on the virus, pointing at people when they go indoors in the fall.   He then proceeded to say inside is a much more dangerous environment than outside.

Sounding very much like he has for the last number of months. He said people cannot allow fatigue over COVID to cause us to stop our efforts.  Unfortunately, it sounded very disingenuous as many of his remarks previously.

He said people should wear masks in friends homes when we visit, perhaps even with relatives, within own families.  He said the WSDOH will be issuing a new PR campaign about how to 'properly' distance indoors.

He also offered comments about the upcoming election, reiterating the same points he has about mail in ballots etc.

Nothing else representing major news was conveyed during the press conference. He did, as he has during his last two months of pressers, find a way to work in criticism of the Federal Government and President Trump.

To hear his remarks, click on the button below. Link to watch the press conference.

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