It's all out there on video and in print for public consumption, you just have to read it.

Gov. Inslee has made a habit during COVID of giving out some good news, progress, hope, then crushing it with dire statements and what he refers to as 'caution.' Last Friday was no different.

Inslee Tweeted that while four smaller counties moved into Phase Three, and King County Phase Two, he added the following:

"But know this,I will not hesitate to freeze, or even move counties backward if needed."

Even KHQ-6 NBC TV in Spokane labeled his language as "a threat." 

It is believed that it was on the heels of an uptick in cases reported by the Spokane County Health Department, as well as his recent visit to Yakima where he mandated all Yakima County residents must wear masks in public. During the post Yakima visit press conference he also had harsh words for Benton and Franklin Counties.

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